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verifiedCommandClasses — Property, class org.robotlegs.base.CommandMap
Internal Collection of command classes that have been verified to implement an execute method
verifyCommandClass(commandClass:Class) — method, class org.robotlegs.base.CommandMap
viewComponent — Property, class org.robotlegs.base.MediatorBase
Internal This Mediator's View Component - used by the RobotLegs MVCS framework internally.
viewMap — Property, class org.robotlegs.mvcs.Context
The IViewMap for this IContext
ViewMap — class, package org.robotlegs.base
An abstract IViewMap implementation
ViewMap(contextView:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, injector:org.robotlegs.core:IInjector) — Constructor, class org.robotlegs.base.ViewMap
Creates a new ViewMap object
ViewMapBase — class, package org.robotlegs.base
A base ViewMap implementation
ViewMapBase(contextView:flash.display:DisplayObjectContainer, injector:org.robotlegs.core:IInjector) — Constructor, class org.robotlegs.base.ViewMapBase
Creates a new ViewMap object
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