Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

org.robotlegs.mvcs Abstract MVCS IActor implementation As part of the MVCS implementation the Actor provides core functionality to an applications various working parts. Some possible uses for the Actor include, but are no means limited to: Service classes Model classes Controller classes Presentation model classes Essentially any class where it might be advantagous to have basic dependency injection supplied is a candidate for extending Actor.
org.robotlegs.mvcs Abstract MVCS command implementation
org.robotlegs.base An abstract ICommandMap implementation
org.robotlegs.mvcs Abstract MVCS IContext implementation
org.robotlegs.base An abstract IContext implementation
org.robotlegs.base A framework Error implementation
org.robotlegs.base A framework Event implementation
org.robotlegs.base An abstract IEventMap implementation
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs CommandMap contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs Context contract
org.robotlegs.core Deprecated - The Robotlegs Context Provider contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs EventMap contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs Injector contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs Mediator contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs MediatorMap contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs Reflector contract
org.robotlegs.core The Robotlegs ViewMap contract.
org.robotlegs.mvcs Abstract MVCS IMediator implementation
org.robotlegs.base An abstract IMediator implementation
org.robotlegs.base An abstract IMediatorMap implementation
org.robotlegs.adapters SwiftSuspender IInjector adpater - See: SwiftSuspenders
org.robotlegs.adapters SwiftSuspender IReflector adpater - See: SwiftSuspenders
org.robotlegs.base An abstract IViewMap implementation
org.robotlegs.base A base ViewMap implementation